About Us

Biocientífica SA was founded by Dr. Roberto Sedlinsky in May 1983 with the aim of manufacturing reagents for human diseases diagnosis by laboratory methods in Argentina. From the beginning the endeavor has been concentrated in the development and manufacturing of reagents related to three main areas: autoimmunity, infectious diseases and plasmatic proteins of clinical interest.

During the following years, Biocientífica SA has integrated the development and manufacturing processes by means of the adaptation of the know-how and the purchase of diagnostic systems. When the process of economic deregulation began in the early 90’s, the company entered into strategic alliances with companies from USA and Europe to expand its product portfolio through the commercialization of products manufactured abroad.

In the last years, the company started the development of diagnostic systems and other product innovations by the recruitment of high quality technologists to expand its portfolio of products.

The company has developed a strategy to penetrate foreign markets, with very satisfactory results. Biocientifica SA is exporting its products to over 30 countries worldwide, to Central and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Its main competitors in the international market are big foreign high technology companies from USA, England, Germany, Italy and Spain.

What we do?

The company focuses on the development of products to substitute imports, local technological integration of production processes and the development of products for the international market in close cooperation with scientific institutes and national universities. Having worked for over 20 years under the paradigm of immunoassay models, Biocientífica foresees the future in technological formats relying on molecular biology as main support, with applications in human, animal and plant health; in the automation as part of continuous improvement processes of laboratory practice; and in the development of personalized medicine that focuses on the individual responses of living organisms to changes in their environment.
Biocientífica manufactures more than 200 products distributed in of several product groups covering a the diagnosis of parasitic, bacterial and viral infections - such as for the diagnosis of Chagas' disease, endemic in Latin America, and toxoplasmosis, a disease of risk to pregnant women because the potential transmission to the babies; autoimmune diseases - in which the body damages itself - such as rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus and celiac disease; and products intended to the quantitation of levels of plasma proteins, whose importance lies on the diagnosis of malnutrition, cancer, immune deficiencies and disorders of coagulation. These products are sold in Argentina and overseas, representing approximately two-thirds of company's sales.

Biocientífica also represents and distributes in Argentina a number of foreign companies whose in vitro diagnostic (IVD) products complement its own marketing portfolio. Those products, manufactured in USA, England, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands and Estonia, are intended to be an aid in the diagnosis of metabolic, nutritional, oncological diseases; to the diagnosis of autoimmune and infectious diseases; and to the follow up of patients suffering from HIV-AIDS and other immunodeficiencies. A large effort is also allocated to the supply of research-use-only (RUO) products to pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology institutions and universities’ research laboratories in critical areas such as the isolation, purification and amplification of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) with applications on all living organisms such as human, animals, plants, seeds, soil and also food samples.

Biocientífica is active in the provision of kits, reagents and instrumentation for clinical laboratories of hospitals, clinics, private clinical laboratories, centers for infectious diseases and epidemiology, pathology laboratories, research institutes, universities, pharmaceutical and biotechnology laboratories and food testing industry.


The implementation of strict quality systems led the company to operate under GMP ("Good Manufacturing and Control Practices ") since 1997 and to the obtention of CE mark of the European Community since October 2003 for the larger part of manufactured products. In November 2004 Biocientifica certified ISO: 9000:2001, recertified in December 2007. In January 2011 the company certified two standards: ISO 9001: 2008 and NS-EN ISO 13485:2003.

The company has achieved several distinctions in recent years. In 2000 won the World Challenge - Euro Challenge Award due to a successful trade mission to India and the 2000 Prize Galicia Bank IPYME Foundation - Industrial Companies Mention – in view of technological innovation and strategic alliances to access new markets. During 2002, one of its directors was awarded the Endeavor International Selection Panel Entrepreneurs 2002. In 2003 Dr. Roberto Sedlinsky, president of the company, was awarded the Innovative Entrepreneur Award granted by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of the Government of the Argentina. The company was nominated for the La Nación – TCA Export Excellence Award 2006 in the category "Technology".

The company sees itself as an organization that cares for and values the human resources; that is environmentally responsible; and that perceives knowledge as a tool for society progress and improvement.

Marketing and distribution

Biocientífica sells its products through a network of distributors in Argentina and in the international market. It has an integrated research, development and production facility that allows delivering products to customers in three different modes under strict quality standards, using its extensive experience as a developer and manufacturer of in vitro diagnostic products, the high training of staff of technical support and competitive prices.

These modes are:

1) Finished ("Finished Product"). Is the product bearing the marks and name of Biocientífica SA. It can be provided in different languages according to customer’s requirements.
2) Bulk product ("OEM" or "In Bulk"). Is the product that bears no marks. The customer dispenses/assembles it in the destination country, labelling it with its own brand.
3) Custom branded product ("Private Label"). It is the product that leaves the factory already branded with client's brand, usually with a corporate design mutually-agreed in advance. Products can be provided with labels and instructions for use in different languages by request.

Strategic plans 2015-2017

For the period 2015-2017 the company is intending to meet six objectives:

1) To strengthen the distribution network in Europe and Asia.
2) To bring new products to the existing marketing portfolio.
3) To become a major player in the value-added processes in the agricultural industry through advanced genetic innovations.
4) To deepen the processes of laboratory automation among users.
5) To promote the exchange with universities and research centers to find practical applications to the expansion of the frontier of biological knowledge.
6) To foster the use of technologies based on molecular assays in both clinical and research laboratories.


The company is led by the following staff:

President: Roberto Sedlinsky

Vice President: Silvia Gloria Kaplan

Directors: Pedro Sedlinsky and Jaime E. Bortz

Technical and Quality Assurance Manager: Héctor Quiroz

Para el período 2011-2013 la empresa se apresta a cumplir con 5 objetivos principales: