Biocientífica and the community (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

It is possible to define Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as the bond that each company establishes and grows with its different publics with the aim of generating social connections that may help long term competitiveness and business as well as it contributes to improve society’s life conditions in a sustainable way. It implies the capacity of a company to listen, understand and satisfy the needs of its environment.

The CSR involves a wide range of policies, uses, routines and programs that compound a company’s business which, by facilitating and stimulating dialog and players’ participation, tries to satisfy the expectations of different stakeholders (clients, users, shareholders, suppliers, workers, government, community, general public and environment).

CSR may be focused, for instance, through environmental or work life quality improvement, or through taking actions in the community where the company is settled. Different studies indicate that one of the main axes in CSR activities is education, because it is visualized as the instrument par excellence for future both individual and social development.

For over 30 years Biocientífica has been supporting an organization oriented towards relation-strengthening with our clients, suppliers, local community, employees, directives, and shareholders. We assume ourselves as a moral persona, thinking it as a whole as regards to image and corporate culture, and we have as a goal generating networks signed by their reciprocity, trust, solidarity, mutuality, flexibility and conflict harmonization. In Biocientífica we believe that a well-educated society with capable citizens is a better society; and we contribute actively educating and capacitating for our environment and for ourselves.
Continuous education

In Biocientífica S.A. we believe that a well-educated society with capable citizens is a better society and that education is the key for the growth and development of the modern society. Under that conviction we have been contributing actively educating and capacitating, for our environment and for ourselves.

Supporting research institutes, schools and universities
Our company has been having for years a continuous policy of supporting research groups in the way they may optimize their resources for their projects, especially by donating reagents and training in our facilities students and researchers. This policy has been reflected in several investigations that were presented in national and international congresses and meetings and published in national and international journals.

Collaborations in courses
We have been contributing for decades with different graduate and post graduate courses by donating reagents for educational purposes and by assigning our high quality human resources for capacitating students and professionals.

In 2007 we have created two newsletters, one for biomedical researchers and one for biochemists, in order to send them once a week and for free information of interest specially selected for each area: congresses, meetings, calls for papers, courses, grants, scholarships and job offers. The newsletters are not exclusively for our clients, but an information service for all the community of biomedical researchers and biochemists in Argentina.

Continuous education of our staff
As we believe in education as an engine for development and growth we have also been capacitating our staff in different areas: languages (English and Portuguese), ergonomy and PC use, training for using specific software, statistics, project management, leadership and negotiation, marketing, entrepreneurship, corporate image, product management, biochemical and medical technology updates, quality control systems, molecular biology, environmental policies, security policies for laboratories, among others.