We generate a community based on capacity building as a key tool for the economic, social and professional development, and on lasting and ongoing relationships with our interest groups (work team, clients, community of professionals trained in biochemistry and biotechnology, suppliers, students, schools, universities and research centers, public authorities on science and technology and open innovation)

We offer tools for the purpose of contributing to the development and training of our staff, our clients and users, and the promotion of activities of the scientific-technological and biochemical industries. To this effect:

We arrange training events.

We render services of professional updating and information.

We generate knowledge and educational material available for use and distribution.

We support research institutes, schools, universities and scientific events.

We cooperate with graduate and postgraduate courses.

We donate reagents for university education.

We commit ourselves to the improve the training of our staff.

Indirect immunofluorescence

Learn more about the principles of the technique!

The indirect immunofluorescence is based on an antigen-antibody primary interaction. This allows us to carry out semi-quantitative serological analysis to aid in the diagnosis of a vast range of infectious or autoimmune diseases.

Radial Immunodiffusion

Learn more about the principles of the technique!

The radial immunodiffusion is a simple, manual and accurate technique for the quantification of plasma proteins, cooperating with the diagnosis of different diseases.

Atlas of Images

El Atlas de Imágenes está destinado a proveer al profesional de laboratorio de un banco de imágenes de inmunofluorescencia e inmunoperoxidasa que sean de utilidad para el diagnóstico de laboratorio de enfermedades infecciosas y autoinmunes. El Atlas se encuentra disponible online y también en formato CD-ROM, para uso offline.

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