We develop and manufacture for third parties. We perform validation studies, quality assurance, industrial scaling up, marketing and sales, logistics, training.

Strategic alliances

We offer tailor-made solutions for our clients, through our facilities, technical, regulatory, production and commercialization know-how to promote your project.

Open innovation and technology transfer

We collaborate with people, institutions and I+D groups in open innovation schemes, breaking the silos of knowledge and co-creating with other organizations.

Development and Production for third parties / on demand

We develop and manufacture your products without a brand, to be dispensed, fractioned and assembled in the country of destination (in bulk or OEM), or supplied form our facilities with the client´s brand and design (private label).

Are you a researcher? Do you have a project of technological development? If you are thinking of scaling up your project or looking for strategic allies to produce, tell us your project!

Your gateway to Argentina and South America

Technical and regulatory consultancy to access to the Argentine and South American markets: validation studies, quality assurance, registration of products.

What do we do?

Product development (OEM or private label)

Validation studies according to regulatory guidelines

Documentation for sanitary approval and follow-up of approval processes

Industrial scaling up and production

Quality assurance

Packaging and storage

Marketing and product positioning

Sales in Argentina and abroad

Distribution logistics in Argentina and abroad

What do we offer?

– Production facilities authorized for the production of in vitro diagnostic reagents and in vitro biological research: The plant
has been authorized by the health authority (ANMAT).

– Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

– Plant and processes under compliance with GMP standards.

– Production for third parties. In bulk products (“OEM” or “In Bulk”), without a brand. To be dispensed, fractioned and assembled in the country of destination and labelled with the buyers’ brand.

– Custom brand (“Private Label”), supplied from our facility with the client´s brand and design.

Experience in the registration of products with CE marking. To be sold in the European Union.  The majority of our nationally manufactured products (immunofluorescence kits for autoimmune and infectious diseases and radial immunodiffusion plates to measure plasma proteins) are CE marked and sold in the European Union.

– More than 30 years of experience Experience in scaling processes, regulatory approval, sales and logistics processes for Argentina and abroad.

– Highly qualified human resources. We are specialized in the generation, validation and registration of new products, quality control, quality systems management, production, marketing, sales, logistics and operations.

– Sales team for internal market and export. The sales team is formed by technical specialists. We have offices in many parts of the country and distributors in 20 countries.

– Access to Relationship Agreements with the scientific and technological system.

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